The Profloating Roadshow | E01 Energievakbeurs

We believe in building a movement, not only a brand or a product. We believe in accelerating the energy transition, something we cannot do by ourselves. We believe in reducing the plastic toxic waste that floats in our waters, once again something we cannot do by ourselves. That is why we started The Profloating Roadshow on the International Day of Sustainability. First destination: the Dutch Energy Exhibition.

With The Profloating Roadshow we will take you on a tour across the world and inform you how we have to step up on renewable energy and start doing right now! We will show you how we are going to play our part in the transition by opening up new ways of generating green energy by going afloat. But we will also show what you can do, in order to play your part in the energy transition. In the end we will all benefit if we stop talking but start doing, so get used to these faces because we are just getting started. 😀

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