Experience Floating Solar Yourself!

World’s first floating solar PV system in the shape of a milk bottle.

Together we will have to scale up renewable energy generation quickly in order to meet climate demands. Together we are making huge progress in floating PV, by sharing knowledge, that is why we will host world’s first global floating solar conference in september 2019 at the floating farm together with Solar Plaza. However, this summer we will invite our partners, clients and relations to the grand opening of the system. Next to the floating farm we have constructed a system in the shape of a milk bottle. Which will make the Floating Farm energy neutral and even more circular. For us, Profloating, this project will be our showroom, because in order to accelerate you should experience floating PV yourselves, isn’t it? At the same time and just as important, it is a scientific research location. We will be gathering empirical data and together with our partners we will start researching the difference between a floating and ground mounted system. The findings of this research will be shared with you as well via our online knowledge center/platform (under construction).

Therefore, we would like to invite you to experience floating solar yourself at the Floating Farm. We will happily show you our innovation, FLOTAR®, tell you our story and share more information about floating solar and  the USP’s of our floating system.

The exact date, this summer, will follow in an update by email. If you have any questions that can’t wait, feel free to contact us and/or schedule a meeting.

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